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How To Fix The Damaging Hole In Your Sweater


Wearing sweaters are mandatory on your body before going out in winters. You might find a difficult situation when you see several damaging holes in the sweater. Then, you might ask do you have to shop all over again for the winters? With the help of the best sewing machine for beginners in this link http://ec-mc.ru/forum/?PAGE_NAME=profile_view&UID=10195, you can fix it without buying a new one. Of course, you also need more tricks to make it invisible. We will help you out.

1. Darning

Darning is great to fix the damaging hole in your sweater

Every fabric is using the same and basic method to make. That is yarn and threads. If you search the method how the fabric makes up. Then, you will see each of them is making in the same way. But, due to the slight change in the remedy, their appearance will different. There is a missing of some thread if you see the hole in the middle of the sweater or woolen scarf. You need to have a thread with the same color and thick in nature. Then, pass it through the needle. You should tie a knot at the end of the thread. And, enter it from the wrong side. Thus, the knot won’t reveal. After that, fill that segment of the sweater with the help of yarn or thread. Remember to use your thread in the same color as your fabric. So, it won't look like a repaired one.

2. Old Clothes

You can repair the hole of the sweater by using old shirts, jeans, and useless stuff. You can find a number of threads in all the clothes. Or, you can choose the right kind of garment from the wardrobe. But, they should match your sweater color and ripped out the stitches. Then, let the thread enter into the needle and tie the knot at the end of the thread. Now, you can fill the hole by crisscrossing the thread with the help of a needle. You should always have a few neutral color yarns in your stock for safety purpose. You should choose one tone darker or one color lighter for the mending. Thus, you can repair all of your sweaters and scarfs without wasting time. It will be better if you use the best computerized sewing machine for beginners. Remember it!

3. Wool Felting

you have to get a special kit and new material to apply Wool Felting 

This will suitable those who willing to invest in the new kit and new material. They might do it due to the sake of their favorite sweater. In the beginning, Wool Felting quite similar to darning. But, you have to get a special kit and new material to apply this. Because you can't use reusable thread from the sweater in this method. You need to pay attention while doing this. Of course, this procedure will make your sweater look new. The method requires experienced people and willing to spend more time. You need to wet the technique and pay out the combed fiber to convert the raw fibers into the fabric. You need to pay a lot of efforts to repair the hole. To should take every step for the conversion of raw material. You can find more information in How To Find The Best First Sewing Machine And Easy Sewing Machine For Beginners. There are many great tips for you!

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