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Iím not sure if this is a step up for Kofi or a step down for Punk. Punk takes over to start and tells Nexus to stay at the top of the ramp. Kofi sends him to the floor and they come down, only to have Punk send them back again. Punk fires off some elbows to the chest for two. Knee drop gets the same. He tries to go up top but Kofi gets a kick to the side of the head and the champ takes over.

That HUGE cross body gets two and New Nexus is looking worried. Boom Drop hits despite Kofi running around for about 8 seconds beforehand. He keeps looking at Nexus and misses Trouble in Paradise. GTS canít hit but Kofi misses his jump in the corner. Thereís the GTS and Punk gets the totally clean pin at 3:56.

CM Punk b. Kofi Kingston @ 3:56 Ė GTS

Rating: C+. This was fine and I can live with Kofi losing here as he was distracted by Nexus and he lost to a guy with a far better resume than he had. Iíd love to see these guys get more time out there as the stuff they had worked quite well while it lasted. This was fine for a TV match.

Punk says that was just the beginning and Nexus will become the most dominant force in WWE history.

Miz is talking to Ziggler and Vickie about possibly facing Cena I assume.

Brie Bella vs. Kelly Kelly

Non-title again. We talk about the Divas on Twitter because thatís about all there is to talk about. Kelly does her gymnast stuff as we keep talking about Twitter. The Twins cheat a bit and Brie works on a chinlock. Kelly spanks her a bit and a quick rolluppinning combination ends this at 1:56.

Kelly Kelly b. Brie Bella @ 1:56 Ė Rolling cradle

Post match the Bellas beat down the blonde and itís Kharma time. HUGE pop for the music coming on too. Kelly is out in the corner and Kharma goes after her Cheap Marc Bartra Jersey , only to have a Bella hit Kharma in the back. Implant Buster to the other one. We do get the terrified Kelly eyes and Kharma picks her up by the jaw. She flicks Kelly in the head, laughs Cheap Mahmoud Dahoud Jersey , and leaves.

Miz talks to Big Show and gets cut off.

Thatís What I Am ad.

Hereís Rey to address the situation with R-Truth from last week. He says that he wants to prove to Truth that he had no business being in last weekís main event or any for that matter. Heís still waiting as we go to a break. Back and instead itís Alberto coming out to see Rey. He talks about how heís a pure blooded Mexican unlike Rey. Rey says heís proud to be a Chicano and an American. If Truth isnít here, then he has no problem shutting Albertoís mouth instead.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio

They start off very fast with Rey getting a kick to the chest and moving out of the way of a charging Alberto. Codebreaker to the arm out of the corner as we take another break. Back with more arm work by Alberto and Rey canít quite fight back. Alberto puts on an armbar. Make that a LONG armbar.

Rey starts his comeback and hereís R-Truth up in the rafters. He wants the cops to be called as thereís a thief here as Rey stole his title shot. Alberto doesnít take the chance to jump Rey or anything so once Truth shuts up Rey keeps the advantage. He speeds things up a bit more and itís 619 time Cheap Lukasz Piszczek Jersey , but Ricardo grabs Rey for the CHEAP DQ at 9:34 total.

Rey Mysterio b. Alberto Del Rio @ 9:34 via disqualification when Ricardo Rodriguez interfered

Rating: D+. Very boring match here as it was about 80% armbar and commercial. The point was to set up the Truth stuff post match but canít you have a good match at the same time that youíre setting up an angle? Pretty weak stuff overall and not what you would expect from these two.

The heels beat Rey down a bit more post match, working on the arm. Truth runs in after they leave and beats him down even more Cheap Julian Weigl Jersey , saying that on Sunday Rey is going to get got. The mask is almost off Rey at this point when Truth leaves.

Miz recruits Punk and Mason Ryan.

Time for the contract signing for Cole and Lawler. Lawler agrees that if Cole wins Cole gets the HOF ring and if it ever happens, Lawler will induct Cole into the Hall of Fame. Cole signs immediately as does Lawler. Michael is all happy about it and it turns out that Sunday is a Kiss My Foot match. We get a clip of Ross being forced to kiss Coleís feet last month and also a clip from the Kiss My Foot match against Bret Hart where Lawler was made to kiss Bretís feet and then his own also.

Cole puts his disgusting foot on the table and Lawler says shut up. That was Bret Hart and Cole is no Bret Hart. Heís not even a Jack Swagger. Cole runs his mouth off Cheap Jeremy Toljan Jersey , talking about how no one remembers Swagger being a former world champion and the only reason Swagger was on Wrestlemania was because of Cole. Swagger isnít happy with this and says heís all yours King before leaving. Cole

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