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Glass curtain wall could reduce the indoor artificial lighting during the day, the glass has other materials unparalleled uniqueness : transparency, natural light throughout the glass into the room, so that indoor light enough to build a bright environment, in the daytime may not need or reduce Indoor artificial light, to achieve the reason for energy conservation.

Under standard circumstances, endothermic glass absorption of infrared, the reduction of 20% to 30% of the amount of solar energy into the space to reduce the high temperature, with thermal insulation. Curtain Walls

New low-E coated tumbler (Low-E glass) with excellent energy-saving effect allows almost 70% of solar visible and near-infrared light to traverse, facilitates natural light light, saves lighting costs, and has a lot more Low radiant. From indoor and outside high temperature objects regarding heat radiation is difficult to taste the glass radiation in past times, can block the inside heat radiation exchange, together with good insulation properties. Furthermore, the use of Cheap insulated glassaluminum bridge, hollow glass and high-quality accessories, but also for the glass curtain wall insulation performance provides the best guarantee. Curtain Walls

One is the large area of the application of curtain wall glass, especially the large area of having coated glass products, the sun's rays shines, coated glass via different angles reflect the light of pedestrians, drivers, residents dazzling, resulting with serious light pollution The Curtain Walls

The next is security. Since the development plus utilization of glass curtain wall is for decades, the good quality assurance period of goblet, especially insulating glass, is merely 20 years. Some towns, especially large and medium-sized cities including Beijing and Shanghai, are the first large-scale cities to work with hollow glass curtain wall The A crowd of curtain wall glass program, if it is swapped out, often resulting in people, material and other means waste, but if not swap the potential risk factor will pursue to increase. Curtain Walls.

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