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Even the women who are not heavily conscious of fashion trends, can appreciate the addition of a beaded bracelet, earrings or necklace, because they are very versatile and can be used as an accessory for almost any wardrobe. Giving an item made of Swarovski beads can turn into a prudent decision as the gift that keeps on going with the addition of another item, perhaps of the same collection. Swarovski necklaces can add the special touch of flair and elegance, for which the crystals are known.Before starting any beading project, you should consult a bead size chart to help determine the correct size bead for use in your item.

The company with headquarters in Wattens, Austria, was founded in 1895, by financier Armand Kosman and Franz Weis. It was known originally as A. Kosmann, Daniel Swartz & Co. When the founder patented and energy-intensive crystal grinding process, that took advantage of the available electric power.What appears to set Swarovski apart from the rest is the attention that is paid to details. The same attention to detail is included in the manufacture of Swarovski charms to ensure consistent brilliance and clarity.No special skills are needed to handle the beads, but they should be handled with some care. The most popular beads that are easiest to use are those that are flat and round.

Because they are so versatile, much of what can be done with Swarovski earrings depends on your creativity. You can add a special touch to any clothing item such as a shawl, by randomly attaching the beads in any pattern desired. The patent faceting process used manufacturing the crystal beads have made them unique and added even more exclusivity. Some celebrities also appear to have an affinity for the product as Michael Jackson is known to have worn several costumes and his famous glove was covered in Swarovski crystals.Commonly available sizes are 3mm and 4 mm but your needs may vary. You can also combine the beads with other types, such as glass and Lucite beads.

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